Ramon Castillo – Recital Hour 10/1/2020 – Live on Twitch

Unfiltered – a somewhat structured improvisation

Gastromusicology – words by Rufus Estes, music by Ramon

Seven Minute Mind by the Bad Plus (Reid Anderson)

Cycle for gamelan, percussion, and electronic sounds

Ramon Castillo, gamelan
John Forrestal, gamelan
Deepak Gopinath, drum set
Ryan Meyer, gamelan and marimba

This performance featured live camera control by Ryan Katz (remotely).


PRS Baritone Guitar
TC Electronic Hypergravity Compressor 
Montreal Assembly Count to Five controlled via
Custom Teensy 2.0 CV controller (using the Adafruit MCP4728 Quad DAC breakout) &
Axoloti Core
Meris Enzo controlled via
Chase Bliss Midibox
Custom Max for Live patch
Keith McMillen
Softstep 2
MOTU Ultralite AVB
Black Magic Design ATEM Mini
Lumix G85 Mirrorless Camera
2x Xiaomi Yi Action Camera
Canon HF-R21 Camcorder
Logitech 1080p Webcam Pro C910 
NodeMcu ESP8266 module connected to two pan-tilt servo mounts (camera + effect light)
Macbook Pro


Ableton Live
ClyphX Pro
Max – lots of custom patches for controlling lots of things
Guitar Rig
OBS Studio
Midi to OBS Master