Contemporary Electronic Ensemble – 4/27/2021 – Live on Twitch


Groovecraft by Sean Lavigne

All You’ve Done, Alone by Paint By Numbers and Ethan Tang

I am Walking in a Mine by Kevin Buckley

Descent by Connor Capozzi

Park Avenue by Dominic Scalera

Pillager Jam by Tristan Fruzzetti

A funky Minecraft note block loop by Sam Paek

Covid Saturday by Ailis Tyra

Ore Town Road by Shaunna Ajoue, Brooke Sutterley, Ethan Tang, Ailis Tyra

Conveyors and Filters by Kevin Buckley

Untitled by Sean Lavigne and Dimitri Daskalakis

Untitled 1, Untitled 2 by Dylan Gagnon

Minecraft Medley by Patrick Collins

Industrial Collapse by Alex Benson

Untitled by Anthony Adario

(42.3456237, -71.1635418) by Ryan Katz

PSPGo Dock 存在する, One Day by Dan MacDonald