Daniel MacDonald – CEE Project Spring 2021 – PSP Go Dock 存在する

This project was performed at the Contemporary Electronic Ensemble Twitch stream on 4/27/21. Countless hours were spent crafting the music and 3D environment for you to enjoy so if you like it, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out when the 360º version is uploaded!!!

Music composed by Daniel MacDonald
Some visual aspects by Daniel MacDonald
Gear: Gretsch Catalina drum kit, 2014 Macbook Pro, Pro-1 Synth, various soft-synths/kits, Microgranny, Logic Pro X, Premiere, Blender, Studio 213, OBS
3D World Construction: Anna MacDonald (Rhino, Enscape)
Wall Art: Games – We Can Play album cover and sleeve, Hella – Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bass album cover, Evelyn King – Get Loose album cover, deaths dynamic shroud – I’ll Try Living Like This (Masterpiece Edition) album art, Machine Girl – Wlfgrl album cover, Shibuya Hikarie Christmas 2018 – Color the World poster – Keith Rankin, various album covers by Philip King (Insta: @philipwardking ; website: philipedwardking.com) and Silvia Cardullo (Insta: @srslysilvsphoto)
Special thank you to my wonderful sister and beautiful girlfriend for letting me use their laptops for weeks on end

Audio Samples:
• PSPGo Dock 存在する
o Wannabe (Feat. San E) – Hyoyeon – Wannabe (Feat. San E)
o Takyon (Death Yon) (Vocal) – Death Grips – Black Google
o Let Me Go – Hailee Steinfield, Alesso, Florida Georgia Line – Let Me Go
o Tip Toe – Dan Mason – Forever Nothing
o Whatta Man (Good man) – I.O.I. – Whatta Man (Good Man)
o Short Hair– AOA – AOA 1st Mini Album
o Good Luck – Ra Mu – Thanks Giving
o David Lynch’s Weather Report. 2/1/21