A Virtual Conference Presentation by Gena Greher and Savannah Marshall

Professor Gena Greher and Instructor Savannah Marshall (UML ’13, ‘16) presented at one of the ISME 2020 Community Music Pre-Conference Seminars on July 14, 2020. The ISME Commission for Community Music Activity (CMA) has demonstrated strong leadership in the music education field with its longstanding commitment to the principles of inclusivity, equity, and hospitality, and their application in practice. Their members are critically conscious music facilitators and researchers, frequently working in complex social settings and always at the forefront of discussions around inclusive musical practices and equitable access.

The focus on Gena and Savannah’s presentation was a new class, Progressive Performance and Production Pedagogy, which was developed to provide Music Studies students an opportunity to engage in more informal participatory music making practices through in-class music making activities and service learning projects. In their video presentation, Prog Ped: A Class in Participatory Music Pedagogy, they detailed examples of several of the projects and class activities their students are engaged with, providing a foundation for their future teaching careers through the practices of informal/non-formal approaches to music making in the community. Their presentation ended with Music Studies student Alexis Csicsek’s winning FAHSS video from the 2020 Virtual Student Research Symposium.